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We are proud to offer insurance to full-time Dagen employees

Your health is priority, which is why Dagen offers health insurance through BCBS for full-time employees.

Eligibility begins the 1st of the month after 60 days of employment. There are 4 options to choose from as well as a dental plan through Dental Select.

We Help You Invest in the Future

Whether you’re in a temporary or permanent position, preparing for the future ahead is essential. We offer a 401k plan through Baker Wealth Strategies for full-time employees. Eligibility begins on the first of the month following 12 months of employment.

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Dagen Policies

Employer of Record

Dagen Personnel is your employer of record for your current temporary or contract work assignment.



Dagen Personnel pays each Thursday. While Dagen schedules direct deposit funds to be deposited each Thursday into its employees’ bank accounts, we do not guarantee a time the funds will be deposited. We cannot guarantee when an employee’s financial institution will make funds available.

 Timesheets are due to by noon on Mondays. Your timesheet must reflect actual hours worked and your manager’s signature. Failure to turn in your timesheet on time may result in a delay in your pay. Hours worked that require payment of overtime wages will be paid at time and one-half unless you do not qualify for overtime with the client company. You need to obtain your manager’s approval prior to working any overtime.

Bonuses, severance pay, parking or toll reimbursements, vacation or holiday pay, and sick leave are not paid by Dagen Personnel except in instances where the client company agrees to reimburse Dagen Personnel for these expenses. Deductions will not be made from paychecks unless authorized. In the event of time sheet error or miscalculations, pay checks may be adjusted to reflect actual hours worked.

Dress Code

As an employee of Dagen Personnel, you are expected to present a clean, neat, well-groomed, business-like appearance while at work. Jeans, t-shirts, shirts without collars and footwear such as flip flops, sneakers and sandals are not appropriate for business casual attire. Employees who do not meet the attire or grooming standards set forth by Dagen Personnel or client’s site, will be asked to leave work to change clothes.

Confidential Information/Privacy

Employees must exercise care in reference to all confidential information of the client company. Information may not be taken, copied, or communicated to other parties. Office equipment and work areas are for business use and are subject to the rules and regulations of the client company.

Discrimination/Sexual Harassment

Dagen Personnel is an Equal Opportunity Employer and complies with all state and federal laws regarding discrimination and harassment. If you believe you have been subject to discrimination or harassment in the workplace, report it to Dagen Personnel immediately. All incidents of discrimination or harassment must be reported as soon as possible after an incident, regardless of their seriousness. All inquiries, complaints, and investigations will be treated confidentially and without retaliation. Anyone who is found to have engaged in prohibited discrimination or harassment will be subject to appropriate sanctions, which may include termination of employment.

Safety/Reporting Injuries

It is the responsibility of each employee to become familiar with the safety and emergency procedures of the client company. Any job related injury should be reported immediately to the job site supervisor and to Dagen Personnel. If any job related injury or illness is not reported as soon as possible, reimbursement for medical claims may be denied. It is important to report any unsafe working conditions to Dagen Personnel. Always perform your assigned task in a safe and proper manner. Maintain a general condition of good housekeeping in all work areas at all times.

Employment Termination

Please be aware that your employment is “at will.” Dagen Personnel or you may terminate a temporary assignment at any time with or without cause. The client company of a temporary assignment has the right to end the temporary assignment at any time. Termination may occur with little or no notice. Before filing a claim for unemployment benefits, you will need to contact Dagen Personnel 48 hours after termination regarding your availability for other assignments. Failure to do so may result in denial of unemployment benefits.


Employee/Employer Acknowledgement

Dagen Personnel is responsible for all employment related responsibilities, including payroll, payroll taxes, unemployment claims, and worker’s compensation insurance. A candidate is not an employee of any recruiting firm who may have referred me to Dagen Personnel, and is not an employee of any client company where I may perform a temporary work assignment.

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