We warmly welcome our newest team member, Alli White. Alli is a relationship driven Account Executive who thrives in meeting new business leaders. She credits her experience as a student-athlete for forming her strong work ethic, discipline, and resiliency. Alli’s competitive nature makes her a natural at negotiations while juggling school and sports made her a master of organization and multitasking.

We asked Alli a few questions about her background:

Why did you choose sales as your career path? 

Alli: I chose sales because I enjoy engaging with and meeting new people and continuing to build those relationships. By doing so I can support people in their professional life, as well as being able to give myself the best opportunities to succeed. 

What is something you’ve recently been proud of?

Alli: Most recently I have been proud of myself for joining Dagen and being able to move forward in my professional career. As the wife of a (recently retired) professional athlete, it was difficult to work while being with my husband and supporting him during the season. Being able to find myself beyond being a wife and a cheerleader has been very rewarding and has a positive impact on my everyday attitude. 

Is there anything you learned in softball that you carry into your daily work?

Alli: I have been able to carry over the ability to work in a team setting from my experience in softball. I work well in an environment with multiple personality types working together to achieve the same goal. Another main takeaway for me would be the ability to overcome obstacles. Softball/baseball is a game of failure, if you succeed 30% of the time then you’re an all-star. You have to have the ability to get over your failures quickly and move on to the next play, the next at-bat. So when you get a “no” in sales, you have to be able to power through and go get your next opportunity. 

We are thrilled to have Alli and her tenacious spirit on the team. Reach out to her at alli@dagenpersonnel.com or 832-349-0225 if you have questions about how Dagen can fill talent gaps in your business.